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To Ya!!!
Hi there, I'm Na Na Na... and I would like to welcome and invite you to take a few minutes to explorer my Web Site. Take your times and enjoy your stay here with me. If you have any questions, please donot hesitate to drop a line for me. I shall be going now;and I will be back if I feel inspire.

I never knew
by SKM

I never knew what love was
until you came along.
I never knew what love meant
when they said our favorite song.
I never knew that love was
something so beautiful and true.
I never knew what love was
until the day I met you.
I never knew that love is
deep inside your heart.
I never knew that true love is
something that will never part.
I never knew that love is
something that is meant to be.
I never knew what love was
until there was we.
I never knew that love was
so sweet, simple and true.
I never knew what love was
till the day you said

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Phong Dalat
Phong is one of my intimate friend. He originally is from Dalat. Yet, he also is a very handsome guy, too.:):). If you would like to be friend with him, please don't hesitate via email him at

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